A Tragic Tale

Well, it’s that time of year again. School is in session and I am already counting down the days until summer break. It’s not that I don’t like school, it’s just that there are so many things about it that just make me want to tear my hair out and scream. Ya feel me?

For instance, it really sucks to be trapped sitting between two of the most boring people in the history of ever for my fourth period English class. I don’t even know how that happened but it did. I walked into class for the first time, surveyed the room for a decent seat, and bam. It hit me like a hard punch in the gut. The only empty desk left was the one front and center of the classroom–every student’s dream, right? So with a sinking heart, I made my way over to the abhorrent seat, dumped my backpack onto the ground, and then plopped down into the hideous chair. Once seated, I looked to my left to see who I would have the joy of sitting by all year. My jaw practically dropped in horror when I saw that it was Baderina–the stuck up, ballet-dancing, snob, who thinks she’s God’s gift to the private school world. She had her books stacked all nice and proper on top of her desk, eagerly awaiting the next hour and fifteen minutes of what was garanteed to be the most boring lecture ever. She had a smug look on her face, apparently very pleased with herself for snagging a spot on the front row (because in her delusional world the front row is where the best of the best sit, and if you get the honor of sitting there you must be a level Albert Einstein genius).

Anyway, after shivering in disgust, I turned my head to see who sat to my right. Guess what? The sight wasn’t any better. To my right, sat an actual genius. Most people would probably consider this a great advantage. Who wouldn’t want to be sitting next to the smartest kid in class? I mean, easy A, right? Not. This kid is a different kind of genius altogether. The kind that doesn’t really share his genius with others. He keeps to himself mostly, and that’s fine, but it sure isn’t going to help me any.

So basically I got completely screwed out of good seat this year. Fantastic. I can hardly wait to see what other lovely surprises await me this year.

Senior year…whoop whoop.


The School Swap

 Hey everyone! Normally I wouldn’t do this, but I have nothing else to post at the moment, so I’ve decided to share with you a prologue to the book I’m currently working on. I haven’t edited it yet, so I’m kind of embarrassed to post it, but I’ve decided to do it anyway. I hope you all like it, and I’d be super happy to hear any feedback or questions you might have. Enjoy!




…and be sure to have an educationally prolific yet provocative summer!” Sadie mimmicks Mrs. Primper’s voice perfectly, incorporating just the right amount of faux sugary sweetness. “Gosh, doesn’t she know how wrong that sounds?” She makes a face in disgust, inciting me and our other friends, Lacey and Colette, to laughter once again.

I think the four of us are high off the liberating yet sort of nostalgic final farewells of the school year. It is the very last day of sophmore year, after all. That alone entitles us to throw maturity to the wind and have a little fun as we walk these hallowed halls of Princely Prep arm in arm one last time before summer break officially begins. I take a deep breath in through the nose and catch a whiff of my horrible Geometry teacher, Mr. Amunrune’s, nasty smelling old man cologne. The guy’s only twenty-nine but he smells and looks like he already belongs in a nursing home due to his balding head and ginormous bifocal glasses. Plus, early retirement would probably be a wise choice for him considering the guy can’t teach math to save his life. Oh, and did I mention he’s also mean, nasty, unattractive, and nerdy? Definitely will NOT be missing him this summer.

We stop when we get to Sadie and Colette’s lockers. And by locker I mean state of the art stainless steel closet-like structures, each with a combination in a different variation of pi. For example, mine is 3.14843. Pretty cool, right? Not.

Lacey pretends to get misty eyed and says, “Let’s all take a moment to say what we’re going to miss most about this place this summer. For instance, I am deeply going to miss the shining faces of the nerds as they greet me each moring in homeroom with a bright bracket filled smile and a, ‘Top of the marnin’ to ya,’ and the classic, ‘How are you fairing today, m’lady?’”

Sadie pats Lacey’s shoulder sympathetically to mime consoling her. “That was beautiful, Lace,” she says a bit mockingly. “I feel your pain. I, personally, am going to miss watching the heated arguments of the Debate team as they demonstrate their technique for us during one of our much loved school assemblies. It will be hard not hearing one of the Shorties say, ‘Just go ahead and disregard that,’ for three long, desolate months. Colette, would you mind taking it from here? I feel an emotional breakdown coming on.” She pretends to swoon and I catch her, laughing at this charade my friends are putting on.

Ahem.” Colette clears her throat. “I shall sorely miss the library and all of its alleviating resources.” We stare at her in confusion. The library at this school we all agree is actually really nice and something to be desired so I don’t know why she would feel the need to make fun of it. Plus, it was basically like her second home for the duration of the nine month school year. “Kidding,” she adds as we continue to stare at her, unblinking. “Lighten up, my colleagues. Are your ties on too tight? School’s out, remember? Time to loosen up.”

We nod and give polite chuckles. We love Colette but sometimes she can be a bit dense when it comes to joking around. She is a classic level genius, though, so I guess she’s excused.

Well,” I step in, “I will certainly miss going to football games in the fall to root and cheer for our fantastic team … oh, wait. We don’t have a football team because Princely still holds the record for least athletically inclined school in the county! My bad.” My friends laugh and roll their eyes at the dorkiness of it all.

Sometimes we really can’t believe how awful our school is. I mean, the campus and facilities are beautiful and well kept and the classroom materials and eqippment we use are all Grade A and cost a pretty penny also, but there’s just so much left to be desired when attending Princely Prep. For example, we all basically have no social life outside of school since the enrollment is up to a grand total of 202 students and all of the boys are … awkward … to put it nicely. Trust me when I say they’d much rather spend their time writing new programs for their TI-89s and hosting study buddy parties instead of doing normal things like hanging out on Friday nights, going to movies, and throwing cool parties that don’t involve the use of textbooks. Lately, just passing one of the nerds in the hallway has almost made me want to puke and run away. They have no interest in girls whatsoever. Not that we have ANY interest in them either. Oh, but if they do find a girl they like, all forty guys band together and choose the exact same girl to crush on and obsess over as if she’s the school’s own version of the beautiful Angelina Jolie.

Also, it’s just so hard to have a normal face to face conversation with any of them when they get hung up over stupid things. Take for example these Bane Outtake videos someone posted on Youtube. It’s sort of like this blooper reel for the movie The Dark Knight Rises but with an extra dose of dumb and idiotic. Anyway, they thought it was hilarious and it was all they could talk about for like a month straight. It’s stuff like that that is practically driving every girl here out of her mind with insanity.

Just think,” Lacey breaks my train of troubled thought. “This time next year Fergus will be standing here with you.”

Yeah, I can hardly wait,” I say dryly. Fergus, my fourteen year old brother who has attended a boarding school up on the north coast until now, will fit in perfectly at this school. Nerds with calculators—just his type of thing.

Please, try to contain your intoxicating elation,” Colette teases.

I open my mouth to respond but at that moment a deep, feminine voice booms from behind, “Last minute rendevous, ladies?” Mrs. Primper eyes us over the top of ruby red framed glasses. Her gaze is one of deep disapproval, though for what reason I can’t imagine why. She just finished giving her famous end of the year goodbye speech at the closing school assembly not ten minutes ago. What could we have done to displease her in such a short amount of time? From the look we’re getting I have a feeling she’s about to answer my question.

Sadie,” she begins in that proper voice of hers, “I noticed when you got up to accept your ‘Cheerful Student’ award that the length of your uniform skirt did not exactly meet the standard requirement of half an inch above the knee. I was quite embarrassed for you and expect that little situation to be taken care of over the summer, yes?” Sadie nods her head vigorously so as not to be considered disrespectful to one of the leading authorities at Princely Prep. “We have a dress code for a reason, mind you. Oh, and magenta nail polish? NOT acceptable.”

She gives Sadie one last frown before fixing her eyes on Lacey. “Do my eyes deceive me or is something missing today?” Lacey looks down to see what the problem is. Mrs. Primper leans in closer. “Your tie, Miss Jordan. You seem to have displaced it for the occasion. I call that tacky and oblivious.”

I gulp as her gaze shifts to me. Her vision immediately locks in on the three hair ties I’m wearing around my wrist. Not a big deal, right? WRONG. “Those are strictly prohibited,” she says, over-emphasizing each syllable of the word. “And you forgot to button the last three buttons on your blazer, Miss Evans. Careless mistakes like that are what might possibly discourage others from enrolling at this school.” Out of the corner of my eye I see Sadie try to hold back a snort. The rules here are so ridiculous sometimes.

Dear, Colette,” she moves on, clasping her hands under her chin in admiration. “Perfect as always. You three should take a leaf out of her book every now and then. I try to be nice and lenient about dress code but it’s hard when students like you are constantly playing by your own rules instead of respecting the rules that have already been outlined for you.” Here she pauses to give us the meanest glare yet. “Need I remind you of the Princely Code of Conduct? I believe ‘We appeal respectfully and courteously’ is one of the rules. Learn it. Live it. Love it. I will be expecting more out of you girls as juniors now so I suggest you learn to play by the rules while you still have the chance. Have I made myself clear?” Her eyes are like daggers, shooting into the deep recesses of our minds and hearts.

Yes, Mrs. Primper,” We chorus like the good brainwashed students we are required to be.

Good. Have a wonderful summer, ladies.” And with that, she stalks away, head held high with pride as always.

We hold our breath and wait to speak until we are positive she is out of earshot. Oh, good, she seems to have found some other poor, innocent victims to harass farther down the hall.

It’s the last day of school for crying out loud!” Sadie bursts out. “Dress code is irrelevant now, or doesn’t she get that?”

Ah, ah, ah,” I shake my finger at her. “We must always tactfully and tastefully obey the rules while on school property.” I’m using my best Queen of Princely (aka Mrs. Primper) voice now. “Rule number one of the Princely Code of Conduct specifically states, ‘We cheerfully and promptly obey the authority under which we are placed.’ Even if we have to fake a smile till our cheeks burn and we need plastic surgery to fix the damage done.” I add this last part to the rule we have had memorized and drilled into our heads since the first day of freshman year. I like my version better, though.

And apparantly so do my friends for Sadie jumps in with her version of the next rule. “We love and honor one another even though chivalry is clearly dead in this school, judging from the number of doors I have had slammed in my face this year by almost every guy in this school.”

Lacey’s turn. “We do not point out the shortcomings (specifically the short heights of all forty boys enrolled here) of others in order to build ourselves up. Because the only building being done here involves the ‘building’ of a mathematical equation rather than the building of muscles required to form a decent football team.”

We look to Colette for the next part but all she says is, “We do not tell lies.” She doesn’t enjoy dissing the school nearly as much as we do.

It’s my turn again. “We do not disrespect the classroom and teacher by passing notes about the giant wart on Mr. Amunrune’s upper lip or interrupt Mr. Gnocchi’s bore me to tears lecture with something even the tiniest bit more interesting like what’s on the lunch menu at school that day.”

Nice,” Sadie laughs. “We also do not spread rumors or gossip about Mrs. Primper’s horrible spray tan. That would be an insult to Oompa Loompas everywhere.”

Oo, burn,” Lacey says. “We avoid cliques, clubs, or games that exclude others even though our entire school is essentially one giant clique itself.”

I’ve got the next one,” I say. “If we make a mess, we clean it up. Because heaven forbid we drop so much as an eraser shaving on the gleaming tile floor. We wouldn’t want the janitor to actually have to do his job, now would we? Colette, would you do the honor of reciting the last one?”

Not batting an eyelash she states, “We appeal respectfully and courteously and treat one another with patience—in other words, we tolerate each other at best.” She grins and I give her a high five.

The sweet taste of community!” Sadie crows.

Harmony Falls’ finest,” I agree.

I say we blow this popsicle stand, girls!” Saide announces, throwing her arm around Lacey and Colette’s shoulders. “We have three months leave from prison starting now so I say we make the most of it while we can. Anyone thinking sleepover at my house for a Josh Hutcherson movie marathon tonight?”

A J. Hutch marathon?” Lacey echoes. “I’m there!”

Ditto,” Colette and I agree.

We can help plan your sweet sixteen bash for next weekend,” Sadie tells me.

Sounds like a deal to me!”

We link arms and begin our last stroll down the hallway for the summer. At the top of the staircase we find our path blocked my a ten person huddle of nerds sharing calculator code numbers so they can send each other new programs over the summer. “Awesome!” A freshman enthuses to his friend. “I can’t wait to send you the graph of the isotope in the shape of a radioactive spider I discovered last night!” I shudder to think that might be my brother next year.

Sadie glances over at each of us and says with a completely straight face, “These boys—they’re gonna kill us, girls.”

I couldn’t agree more.

The GASU Chronicles (Part 10)

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I only had this last part to post so I wanted to stretch it out till the end of the summer before my friend and I begin writing some new scenes. Hope you enjoy!


“Hey, guys,” he started, wiping his dripping nose on his sleeve. “I’m lost. Snoopy, CSAH, and I were wandering around the edge of the dance floor when he turned to CSAH and asked her to join him in the tango. They completely ditched me! They hate me, I know they do. But as I said, I’m lost and I really just want my mommy!” With that he broke down completely and let the tears flow freely.

“Okay wittle boy. We’ll get your wommy for you.” MnM bent down, patting his shoulder like a preschool teacher does with a three year old child.

“I love her. I want her—NOW!” DL stomped his little foot on the marble floor.

“All right, all right. Hold your horses,” BB ordered him.

“When my mommy wants me to stop crying, she holds my hand and gives me my blankie and a lollipop.” DL sniffled, shifting from foot to foot anxiously.

“I don’t know about the blankie and the candy, but…I guess I can hold your hand.” By the tone of her voice, MnM was not happy at all at the prospect of even touching DL’s slobbery hand. DL grabbed it with a cheer of, “Yay!”

“Oh, look what I found.” Seth said, pulling a green-brown nugget out of his tuxedo pocket. “Bernard dropped this a couple minutes ago when we were talking to him.” He handed it to DL, who popped it eagerly in his mouth. “It may not be a lollipop, but hey, at least it’s something.”

“Was that a—” BB asked in horror.

“Yep,” MnM confirmed then turned to DL. “Now where did you last see your mommy?”

“Wellllll…I was singing as woud as I could and I saw my wommy smiling at me, but den there were sooo many girly fans asking me to sign deir tickets and-and-and I wost her!” He broke into tears again.

BB had to restrain herself from slapping him across the face and yelling, “Shut up!” What was he, two??? The whole thing was just so ridiculous. “So is she here at the ball or not?” She finally snapped.

He stopped his obnoxious sniffling for a second and stared at her, lower lip trembling violently. Then after seconds had passed he said, “You’re a big meanie!” and stormed off into the crowd of dancing bodies.

MnM started to go after him but BB caught her arm and held her back. “Let him go. We shouldn’t baby him so much. It’s too much work. He’s almost more work than caring for my one-year-old sister. That should say something right there.”

MnM agreed with her. He was more work than a whole daycare full of kids.

The GASU Club Chronicles (Part 9)

Things are going to get a little weird for everyone at the ball…


BB and MnM were struck speechless. Melinda squeaked like Morse Code and Bernard said, “Now if you’ll excuse us for a second. It’s our time to makeout.” With that he bent his head and wrapped his fat lips around the little mouse’s squalid snout. They were—um—glued together for about five minutes in this position until saliva dripped to the ground. During which time, MnM spewed forth her red punch, coughing hard, unable to even look at the two lovebirds—or lovemice.

When the couple (if you can even call them that) came up for air, BB, completely unfazed and way beyond the point of caring, asked in a chipper voice, “Sooo…Melinda. I hear you’re from Alaska—or Maine—no…South Dakota…or is it Kansas?”

“Nebraska.” Bernard stated defensively.

“Of course, of course…how could I forget?” She feigned a laugh. “Now I can see why Bernard here is so infatuated with you. I mean, what’s not to love about…uh…nice shaggy brown fur…and…beady eyes…and a snake-like tail? So consider yourself lucky. Bernard is a g-r-e-a-t catch. Congrats. Now I’m going to go dance with my adorable guy friend. Toodles!”

Bernard and Melinda didn’t hear her, for they were already locked in a sickly embrace. Seth pulled MnM onto the dance floor as the string quartet struck up a tune and Alex did the same with BB.

After the song was over, BB rushed to MnM’s side and whispered, a very panicked look in her eyes, “Guess who decided to show up?”

“Please don’t tell me it’s the rest of the GASU club,” MnM groaned.

“The one and only.”

“Great. This night just keeps getting better and better. Why don’t we just throw a big party at my place afterwards and pretend we’re all one big happy family!” MnM threw her hands up in exasperation.

“Oh, no.” BB froze, her gazed fixed at the top of the red carpet staircase. “Please just do me a huge favor and kill me now.”

MnM looked to see what she was staring at in such horror and almost gagged, the sight was so revolting. Mr. Amunrune, their old head of Camp HLS, was staring straight at the two girls, his eyes a beady black. He was wearing the usual: tan slacks, blue sweater vest and bowtie, black framed glasses; and he was tapping his fingers together in a very creepy manner—as if he would like nothing better than to throw a bag over the girls’ heads, drag them back to the dungeon, and lock them away forever, leaving them nothing to do but solve calculus equations all day everyday for the rest of their miserable lives.

MnM turned back to BB. “I really hate to say this, but I think it’s in our best interest to find the guys and leave now. Apparantly, the standards for what kind of people are allowed to attend the ball are not very high. I say we take our leave and hit the road.”

“I agree,” BB said. “Alex should be back from getting me a drink any second and then we can go.” Just then BB felt a light tap on her shoulder from behind. She and MnM whirled around and found themselves nose to snotty nose with a whimpering DL.

The GASU Club Chronicles (Part 8)

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. Been super busy!


Bernard lay sprawled out on the ground at the foot of the staircase, in all of his glorious dorkiness. He hadn’t bothered to change out of his sweaty tunic and his oily hair stuck up every which way resembling a mad scientist, flecks of dandruff sifting down onto his shoulders. In the six hours that the two girls had been apart from the other campers, Bernard hadn’t changed a bit.

A sickening lump dropped into the pit of BB’s stomach and she wanted to scream at him to leave and never return. Just when they’d thought they were finally free from those jorks…

“Could I get some help up, please?” Bernard squawked from his prostrated position. “I think I’m crushing my precious TI-84.” At first nobody moved to help him. Only after an awkward twenty second pause (similar to the kind in Mr. Donkey’s English class) did someone step forward and extend their hand to the floundering nerd.

It was Seth, always the kind gentleman. “Here you go, buddy.” He reached down and scooped Bernard’s slightly crushed glasses off the ground and handed them to him after helping him stand up. “Might want to watch your step next time; stairs are dangerous.” He chuckled.

Now that Bernard wasn’t flailing around on the ground anymore, causing a huge scene, the rest of the ball guests resumed their eating and mingling, completely losing interest in the situation. The foursome, however, circled up around Bernard to confront him about his intentions for being there.

“Where are the others?” MnM couldn’t stop herself from blurting this out in an accusing manner.

Bernard shrugged. “Don’t worry. You’ll get to reunite with them shortly. They kind of got side tracked along the way by stopping at this place called Burrito Palace Buffet.”

BB’s eyes lit up in momentary excitement and cheered. “Burritos!”

“I opened one up in your honor,” Alex told her shyly. “While you were trying on dresses. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Mind? Of course not! You’re the best!” BB threw her arms around his neck and he lifted her feet off the ground to envelope her in his strong embrace.

“Soooo…” Bernard cut in. “What do you want to talk about? I could explain to you the process of refraction if—” Just then he was interrupted by a tiny mouse leaping out of his pants pocket and scampering up his bulky arm to perch on his right shoulder.

The two girls jumped back and screamed. They had not been expecting such a twist in the plot.

“Ummm…there’s a mouse on your shoulder.” Seth pointed. It didn’t seem like Bernard either noticed or cared. Maybe he housed furry rodents in the pocket of his clothes all the time.

“Oh, yeah.” Bernard finally glanced down at the caramel brown mouse and gave it an affectionate kiss on the head. “Meet my girlfriend Melinda.”

The GASU Club Chronicles (Part 7)

Time for a happily ever after? Pfft yeah right….


BB and MnM thoroughly enjoyed the looks of envy they got from teenage girls as the foursome made their way through the crowded mall. As they exited the mall and walked through the parking lot, BB asked, “Wait. Wasn’t this where you parked Summer and Freedom? Wait…” Her voice trailed off as she saw what was parked in the space instead of the two horses.

“A horse drawn carriage?” MnM asked in disbelief.

“Yep. And drawn by your favorite horses, Freedom and Summer.” The horses whinnied happily at Alex’s remark.

“I can’t believe this…this is too good to be true…” BB’s beautiful face was flushed with a sort of breathless excitement.

“We thought that if this ball means a lot to you girls, we should do it in style. And you all mean a lot to us.” Alex winked at BB.

“Righto.” Seth agreed, stealing a glance at MnM.

Alex checked his watch. “Right on schedule. Now, if you please, we will begin our journey to Boyce for the ball.”

BB and MnM sat in disbelieving wonder the entire ride to the ball. As the carriage came to a halt, the gallant gentlemen helped the girls down and escorted them into the ballroom. Couples dressed to impress stood talking around the dance floor. Alex, having a moment of spontaneity, immediately pulled BB onto the dance floor, even though there was no music playing. But BB and Alex waltzed across the room in perfect rhythym, as though they heard the music in their lovestruck heads. Seth and MnM sipped on dainty glasses of punch, watching people arrive.

“Hello there.” A friendly-looking guy said, extending a tan hand to Seth in greeting. “Fun ball, isn’t it?”

“It is,” Seth replied politely.

“I’m Hayden, by the way.”

“Seth. And this is MnM.”

“And this is my friend Adeline.” Hayden motioned to a pretty girl beside him in a navy and silver starry gown.

“Nice to meet you—” MnM began but was interrupted by a loud THUMP! THUMP! THUMP!

The four whirled around to see what had happened. Even Alex and BB halted their lovely dance to see what all the commotion was about. MnM was mortified to see who had managed to trip all the way down the red-carpeted staircase, and she almost swooned with disgust when a monotonous “Soooo….” rang out in the deathly quiet ballroom.

The GASU Club Chronicles (Part 6)

Sometimes a girl needs to look like a princess to feel like a princess….


Once outside, they hopped back onto their noble steeds and headed for the mall called St. Matthews. After Alex found a suitable parking space, the group walked into a restaurant called Red Robin. MnM shivered, remembering something in her past with the nerds. Then they walked through the food court, only receiving a few gawking glances at BB and MnM’s chain mail tunics. Most were too busy goggling at Seth and Alex’s amazingly good looks. Passing a life-size game of chess, BB sighed, trying to push an annoying memory out of her head. Nerds, she thought to herself.

Soon they came to a brightly lit store called Dillards. “Shall we, ladies?” Alex beckoned them into the store, with a cute wiggle of his eyebrows.

“Why, yes, I think we shall,” BB replied, taking his offered arm. Seth did the same with MnM.

They rode the escalator up to the formal floor. Seeing the gorgeous folds of fancy sparkly fabric, BB and MnM grinned and, dropping their guys’ hands, ran over to the endless racks. Seth followed MnM and Alex followed BB as they perused the selection of gowns. After both girls had chosen four or five gowns each, both guys, who had chivalrously offered to hold the girls’ dresses, carried the sparkly clothing into the dressing room.

“We’ll wait out here,” Alez said, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

“All right. We’ll come out and show you them,” BB giggled. “Like a fashion show.” The girls rushed into their little rooms and with immense happiness flung off their chain mail, donning the flowing gowns with wide smiles. The two walked side by side, their skirts swishing with each step.

“Okay, we’re coming out.” MnM beamed.

They stepped out so Seth and Alex could see them. And the looks they got made the girls smile even wider.

“You…you…” Alex stuttered, absolutely speechless at BB’s startling beauty. “…look like a princess,” he breathed after a pause.

“Thanks.” BB beamed, trying not to blush too hard. “I guess it makes sense, though. You were my prince and savior in my greatest time of need. I’d be happy to be your princess.” She gathered up the skirt of her royal blue, grecian style gown and twirled over to admire the dress in the mirror.

Alex started to follow but quickly remembered Seth and MnM. He glanced back and saw Seth’s frozen, puppy-eyed expression focused on MnM and MnM only. She looked ravishing in a light blue and white strapless prom dress. Jewels and flowers accented the upper waist line, giving it an elagant flair. “Seth?” He waved his hands back and forth in front of his friend’s face. “Buddy?”

Seth was too transfixed to notice/care.

“Yeah…okay…guess we’ll meet up in a bit…” Alex chuckled, then headed over to where BB was modeling her dress.

One hour and four dresses later, the foursome traisped up to the checkout counter to pay for the original gowns they tried on. The checkout woman’s eyes grew wide with shock once she had scanned the first dress. “It’s you lucky day, ladies,” she told them. “These one of a kind designer dresses are 99.9% off the original price, which is…$100,000!!! But you only have to pay $10.00.”

MnM and BB’s jaws literally dropped they were so shocked at the news. “Seriously?”

“I’m not much of a prankster, so yes.” The woman said, bagging the two dresses and taking the money in exchange. “Enjoy your purchases.”

“Thanks!” The girls grinned then started on their way down the escalator.

“Well, that wasn’t too bad a deal, huh, girls?” Seth laughed, casually sitting on the railing as they continued to descend.

“What about you guys?” BB asked. “Don’t you need tuxedoes or something?”

Seth and Alex glanced at each other, sharing some kind of secret. Then they both grabbed hold of their long sleeved button down shirts and ripped them open at the chest, Superman style, exposing black tuxes and ties.

“My hero,” MnM sighed dreamily.